Several organizations, including Cape Hope Cares, help homeless people find a place to sleep for one night or two. Others help the most capable families establish homes of their own. The Cape Hope Center project will help families and individuals make a transition to healthy and independent living. 
Housing security provides a base that allows them to develop the skills and systems that make the family a sustainable unit. We hope that the residents will stay with us between three and eighteen months. We intend to build four related projects on one piece of property. 
1. 25 Units of family housing
2. Day care and education resource center
3. 20 units of single-adult housing
4. 3 acres of active farm as a food / activity / employment resource
The four projects are separated for fundraising purposes, but form an integrated support system for Cape May County’s homeless population. Having all the projects close to each other allows mutual support.  
To purchase a brick please go to https://polarengraving.com/CapeHopeANJNonProfit